Intraceuticals Oxygen Infusion

What is Intraceuticals Oxygen Infusion Therapy?

Intraceuticals Oxygen Infusion Therapy uses oxygen under light pressure and cutting edge Hyaluronic Acid (an ingredient naturally found in the skin) technology to dramatically
transform the look and feel of your skin. Oxygen under light pressure aids delivery of age defying ingredients to the skin at the same time as cooling and calming the skin. Its delivers exceptional results with your skin looking noticeably brighter, firmer and more flawless. A course of 6 consecutive treatments weekly is recommended to build upon these results and ensure their staying power.

Why should I go for it?
To rejuvenate your skin to look fresher, smoother and more flawless without having to undergo surgical procedures. Moreover, the treatment is suitable for all skin types. To maintain young looking skin while retaining your skin’s natural beauty. It is the must-have treatment prior to any major event, performance or appearance to look fresher and help your make up set better.

How is the procedure like?
After skin cleansing, a fine mist of serum is sprayed onto the skin and delivered using pressurised oxygen. The feeling is cooling and calming. The treatment takes around 1 hour and instant visible results are evident at the end of the treatment.

Choose your serum:

For hydrating and toning effect
For brightening and luminous effect
(with Vitamin C)






Intraceuticals actives: All serum uses hyaluronic layering. Hyaluronic Acid is naturally occurring in our skin however
depletes as the skin ages. Low molecular weight (LMW) hyaluronic acid is delivered to the skin through the treatment. It acts as a delivery system – carrying other beneficial ingredients to the skin to address a wide
spectrum of skin conditions including; dry, dehydrated and prematurely ageing skin, sensitive skin, fine lines and wrinkles and problem prone conditions.

I love Intraceuticals it keeps my skin healthy and fresh.
Miley Cyrus

I love Intraceuticals it keeps my skin healthy and fresh.
Kim Kardashian

Intraceuticals Treatements are my go-to facial and skin saviour for those long flights and late nights!
Paris Hilton

I love Intraceuticals Facial Treatments. Getting them makes me feel so rejuvenated and refreashed.
Kim Kardashian

Intraceuticals facials leave my skin glowing and radiant! Thank you love Miranda.
Miranda Kerr

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