Serenity Slimming Treatment

Prus Vacuum ultrasound and Bio-impedance Meter


A good cellulite treatment will stimulate the actual fat release in the fat cells in the targeted area, and improve circulation to effectively transport the fat and water to replaces it can be burned off (muscles) or disposed of (Lymphatic System).

Ultrasound @ 30khz. This frequency has some remarkable effects:

  • It will break down the triglycerides (fat) into Monoglycerides Monoglycerides are more easily released by the fat cells.
  • It stimulates the beta receptors of the fat cells. These receptors are like the exit door of the fat cell.
  • It vibrates the cell membranes to break down fibrosis (especially in cellulite fase 3 and 4).
  • The vibration of the cells and intracellular space dramatically improves the lo cal circulation.

This ultrasound is used with a special contact gel, in a fixed position so there is no change of generating head inside the patient. Also, the waves will pass through the body so a set of heads fixed on one side of the leg will be effective on the other side as well. No manual labour except placing the ultrasound heads is needed.

Vacuum therapy

The Prus uses a vacuum system with several ergonomically designed heads and programs to allow a complete treatment of the venal and lymphatic systems. The force of the vacuum generated is precisely controlled by a computer in order to get the optimum setting for the actual treatment at hand, i.e. lymphatic drainage, ganglion stimulation, massage etc. The vacuum can be constant or alternate between a high value and a low value with variable “high” and “low” times.

Some examples of protocols as follows:

  • Special programs and nozzles to stimulate the ganglions, freeing them up for the transport of the release fat.
  • Programs and rollers to drain the lymphatic system before to make way for the released water and fat, and after for transportation of the fat cell contents.
  • Programs and rollers to treat the cellulite areas.
  • Programs and rollers to tone the skin.

The complete and combined use of these techniques produces excellent results.

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